vThinking Studio Release Voice Calendar 1.1 For iOS Devices

While Siri continues to dominate the realm of voice-controlled commands, there are a number of others apps that are providing voice-based virtual assistance. One of such apps is the Voice Calendar by vThinking Studio which lets you schedule things on a calendar through your voice. It supports a number of ways to input time and can also calculate the date on a certain day and the number of days to a certain date.

This latest release is the version 1.1 of Voice calendar app. The app is available for all iOS devices and can be purchased on iTunes App Store from all around the globe. The price-tag for the app is $1.99.

The best part about this app is that it incorporates most of the time formats that we normally use in our everyday language. For instance you can tell your calendar to schedule your meeting at 7 p.m. or you can tell it to put a reminder for a game in 30 minutes. You can tell it the date or the day to schedule a certain activity and it will do it for you. Even more, if you are unsure what day it is on a certain date, you can ask the Voice Calender about it and it will calculate the day and let you know.

The languages supported by this app are American, Australian and British English. Also, the Voice Calendar comes with a built-in recognition for many popular holidays. For instance, if you tell it to schedule a meeting on ‘Thanksgiving Day’, it will know the date you refer by that and will schedule a meeting on that date.

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