Watch How An iPhone Survived A 1000 Feet Free Fall

Some companies go to great heights to test a product. G-Form, a company that specializes in hard-core phone and tablet cases, has literally done this. To test its iPhone case, G-Form team has dropped an iPhone, wrapped around by a case, from 1000 feet above the ground. And, guess what, the iPhone actually survived the 1000 feet free fall!

G-Form iPhone case

Let’s rewind the test events a bit. First, a number of jumpers loaded into the Eiger, a mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. The jumpers included the famed Gary Connery who was seen at the OIympics this year. Each jumper were given an iPhone, so that when they jump, they can offload the device and let it fall free from the sky. Soon after the jump, as soon as these jumpers reach the height of 1,000 feet, they let their iPhones fall free from the sky. Interestingly, the video posted below is from one of these phones which went through the fall while recording its video, and survived when it hit the surface.

Naturally, this, and other stunts by G-Form may convince a whole lot of people to line up for their iPhone cases.

Courtesy: CNET

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