White iPhone 4 Could Be JailBreak By Limera1n

Today iPhone 4 White is going to be released for everybody. We already heard its made in completely different manufacturing process. So a lot were worried, if Apple has patched any old security hole so none of the Jailbreaking process would work. But here we have iH8Sn0w, he tweeted its Susceptible to Limera1n Jailbreak.

white iphone 4

According to tweets by iH8Sn0w.

For future (tomorrow or today) White iPhone 4 users, limera1n is NOT patched and has no difficulty with current jailbreaks.

white iphone 4 jailbreak

Also for those wondering, i0n1c’s untether will work for the device as well. i0n1c’s exploit is iOS based. Since the iPhone 4 runs the SAME iOS, its fine.

But remember none of new iPhone 4 is unlockable yet, only iPhone 4 purchased few months ago and has still baseband 01.59.00 could be unlocked, none other baseband is still unlockable. So either use Official carrier or buy factory unlocked from Apple.

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