Woman Buys Two iPhones For $1500 AUD, Gets Two Apples Instead

What comes on your mind after hearing the word Apple? A fruit or a company? Well, you keep thinking, till then let me tell you a very interesting news. A women in Australia wanted to buy two iPhones. She paid $1,500 AUD and in return got two fresh apples, one in each box!

Apple Or Apple

According to the police, a 21-year-old woman placed an advertisement on a classifieds website Gumtree.com, asking if anyone had an iPhone for sale. A woman replied to the ad, saying she had two iPhones and she would like to sell these for $1,500 AUD. The 21-year-old woman decided to buy those. So they met at Sunnybank McDonald’s to complete the transaction. The 21-year-old woman handed over $1,500 AUD (approximately US$1,336.35) for the two iPhones and received “two iPhone boxes that looked new.” But at that time, the woman who bought the two iPhones was so excited that she forgot to check inside, and in the mean time the seller had left Sunnybank McDonald’s. When the buyer returned home and opened the boxes, she found one fresh edible apple in each box, instead of iPhone. Such incident may happen in anyone’s life. So whenever you are buying a product, don’t forget to check it thoroughly.

Source: Herald Sun

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