Worried About Your iPhone’s Durability? Make It Bulletproof!

A Japanese metal products manufacturer called Marudai claims that they have made an indestructible metal case for the iPhone. This bulletproof metal case can resist a .50 caliber round. Marudai gives a dummy cartridge for purchasers, in order that you can show friends exactly what you are protected against. This bullet-proof case is available at Marudai for $650.

Bulletproof iPhone Case

    • 1-inch black armored case for iPhone 4
      The world’s most heavily, the strongest case for the iPhone. Of steel plate has been designed for a direct hit of the bullet (12.7mm) caliber 50 will protect your iPhone heavily.

    • Black back
      1 inch thick armor plate steel. The independence by using the slope of the periphery.
    • Back
      Consider the beginning through the outer peripheral portion bullet, with a loose slope. iPhone inside the body, so that in the direct hit to the bolts, not subject to the direct damage.

    • Expansion of the lens unit
      Plate armor who have lost any exciting finish was raw null. Equipment is also firmly set disadvantage hole lens.

    • Camera Image
      The camera field of view is limited, becomes the image looked like armor plate from a round hole.

  • Bonus
    Commemorating the release!
    It presents a dummy cartridge 12.7mm bullet towards the purchase.

The case is directly available in both black and white from Marudai for 52,200 yen (equivalent to $650).

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Source: Marudai Co.

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