You Can Now Shop for Electronics on Your iPhone Using Siri

The best thing Apple ever did, in my opinion, is invent Siri. The Hal-like robo assistant can amaze even the most passive consumer of tech. It can read out emails, plan your day, find the best Mexican restaurant in your area, and even give you philosophical advice – in a funny unique way.

How does Siri accomplish all that you might be wondering? Well by using its very own integrated search engine – called Wolfram Alpha. And this week, Wolfram Alpha apparently uncovered some details about how it does, what it does. It turns out that the search engine has been getting its data from Best Buy’s public APIs, in order to enable queries against the retailer’s database of 35,000 consumer products. What this means is that owners of Siri have just landed a new way to look for things to buy and compare deals, by using their voice. And yes of course, Android owners ore left out in the cold. There’s no room for them in the fun palace!

So now just by saying things out loud, you can get your phone to look for a specific item and obtain lots of details about the product in question including price and availability, rating, models etc. And that’s not all, Wolfram Alpha can search exactly for whatever you need. Just say “slimmest eBook reader under $200, that allows video watching”. And puff, you get your list!

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