LaCie Little Big Disk Dual SSD With Thunderbolt I/O Technology

LaCie has introduced the first storage device supporting the Thunderbolt I/O technology, the LaCie Little Big Disk. Thunderbolt technology is formerly known as the Light Peak, which was developed by Intel. As noted, the new LaCie Little Big disk will come out into market with collaboration from Apple. This new storage solution is enable to connect many peripherals like hard drives, monitors, cameras through a high-speed line. The new LaCie Little Big Disk is designed to store large audio and video files.


* supports the Thunderbolt I/O technology
* Enabling connect many peripherals (hard drives, monitors, cameras) to a computer via a high-speed line
* Ddual SSD (Intel 510 Series) with each 250GB capacity
* RAID 0 configurations to deliver top writing/reading speeds

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt-supporting dual-SSD external drive should be debut in this summer but its price is unavailable at moment.

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