Apple Mac Book Pro With Sandy Bridge Intel Coming Soon

According to reports around the Web, Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup is due for an update very soon. In fact, as little as a week remains between Apple refreshing its MacBook Pro laptop offering to the latest Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and debut Light Peak among other interesting features.

The new MacBook Pros, according to some observers, will feature Intel’s new dual-core Sandy Bridge mobile chips and might contain a solid-state drive used only for a quick-start OS. They may also have a new data port called Light Peak, with a blazing 10-gigabits-per-second transfer rate. This would be the fastest transfer rate from a Mac to another Mac, or a Mac to a storage Relevant Products/Services device.

Light Peak technology has been promoted by Intel and Apple as a replacement for FireWire 800, USB 3.0, and other connection technologies. It utilizes daisy-chaining, allowing one device to be connected to another, and it’s expected to be available in a fiber-optic version as well as a copper one.

The version expected to be announced soon by Apple will be copper, but the optical version is the real powerhouse. Optical is expected to offer 100 gigabits per second in addition to carrying an electrical connection for powering peripherals.

Robert X. Cringely, an independent observer of the computer scene, is predicting that Light Peak technology, coupled with automatic load distribution in Mac OS X from Grand Central Dispatch and multi-processing control from Mac OS X‘s Xgrid, could mean a radical new approach to data servers — especially if Apple also releases Light Peak on Mac Minis.

Other uncomfirmed reports suggest the new Apple MacBook Pro laptops will feature SSD-only versions, like the MacBook Air ultraportables. BGR goes one step further to suggest there’ll be an OS-only SSD in the new MacBook Pros for faster load times with other data stored on a regular hard drive. The MacBook Pros will also sport larger glass-top touchpads or trackpads, especially with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion promising increased gesture support.

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