Apple Planning To Release Redesigned MacBook Pro Notebooks

Apple has been setting the trends in the notebook market for some time. It set an all new standard for the entire market when it released it’s MacBook Air. It was quite a surprise for the world to have such notebooks which were ultra-thin, worked for many more hours than conventional notebooks and were very sleek and high-functionality devices. Now, it seems, Apple is again preparing to up the competition by overhauling the design of it’s MacBook Pro notebooks.

So what kind of changes Apple may introduce into the redesigned MacBook Pro? According to AppleInsider, Apple is trying to make the MacBook Pro notebooks look even more like MacBook Air notebooks. First, Apple will revamp the design of the 15″ line up and then will eventually revamp the 17″ line up too.

Some possible changes that Apple may make to the design include making the MacBook Pro notebooks even thinner. While this seems quite impossible, Apple has a record of performing well beyond expectations. We can also expect a superior battery life and even better display. There is no definite statement from Apple about this and it is still a rumor. But if it does indeed turn into a reality, this will up the ante really high for other competing notebook makers.

Image courtesy bfishadow.

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