Apple Stops Production Of White MacBook, No More Educational Institution Distribution

Apple’s white MacBook has long been taking it’s last breathes. Apple already stopped producing it for mainstream consumer last year, pushing the consumers towards it’s other notebooks, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However, Apple was still producing the white MacBook for educational institutions only. Now, Apple has announced that it has stopped the production of the notebook even for educational institutions and that this marks the ‘End of Life’ for this particular Apple notebook.

Of course since Apple has not stopped the supply of white MacBook, this means that the production of the notebook was stopped already, some time ago. Given Apple’s knack for secrecy, it is surprising that no news were leaked of the fact that white MacBook was no longer being produced.

However, now Apple has officially declared that white MacBook will no longer be sold by Apple. Apple has notified the resellers that it has discontinued the distribution channel of the notebook. So, any of you who had his eyes on the classic Apple notebook will have to give up on that dream and concentrate on the other Apple notebooks that are currently available.

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