AUO Introduces 14-inch Solar-Power Touch Keyboard Notebook Solution

LCD panel maker AU Optronics(AUO) has introduced a 14-inch solar-powered touch keyboard solution for notebook.The most attractive feature of the keyboard is its ability to get charged from solar power.

It will bring down the electric power usage by 20 % since it is solar powered, as per the claims made by the company.

The transparent touch keyboard has the solar module built within the notebook’s cover and keyboard panel. These are specially designed to work even in the absence of enough sunlight since they can absorb energy from electric light also.

The product will be unveiled on November 10th at the upcoming FPD International 2010 in Japan.


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  1. solar toys - Lagi.Plan

    After Logitech’s K750 solar keyboard, now we have the solar powered solar touch keyboard from AUO. Both ecological innovations show a likely future trend.

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