First MacBook Pro With Retina Display Locking System Available From Maclocks

Apple added Retina Display in MacBook Pro series notebooks but dropped a rather uncorrelated feature – the security lock adapter. The new MacBook Pro laptops with Retina Display don’t have the Kensington lock port. People concerned about their Macbook’s security were at awe. But, they can breathe sigh of relief now. Lock system manufacturer Maclocks released the first locking system for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The new locking mechanism offers a unique approach to secure MacBook Pro notebooks.

Since laptops are portable, they’re easily stolen. Even if you have special LoJack software or Apple’s Find My Mac feature enabled, it’s better to prevent a system from being swiped in the first place. You can protect the computer by physically locking the computer down. The earlier MacBook systems had built-in Kensington lock slot located on the side of the system. This small slot could take a number of cable lock devices that secure the system to a desk or other large object to not only prevent it from being moved but also prevent people from opening the case using Apple’s built-in latch systems.

However, Apple decided to exclude it from its new MacBook Pro design. Maclocks made the very first lock for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display to address the security concerns of conscious users. The MacLocks kit comes with a durable polymer plate that users have attach to the bottom of the MacBook Pro, and the plate will work like a Kensington lock port. In addition to the bottom plate, the lock also has a top cover that can keep your system from being opened, and thereby doubles as a protective case for the system.

According to MacLocks, the new MacBook Pro lock bundle (Retina lock) includes an extremely lightweight security skin (0.35 lbs) and super slim security cable. The bottom piece improves MacBook Pro cooling process.

The total security bundle will be available for $119.85. You can pre-order the new security system for a special price of $69.95 from Maclocks website.

Source : Maclocks
Thanks To : CNET

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