Is A 15-inch MacBook Air On Its Way?

The rumors of a size upgrade for Apple’s thinnest notebooks have been doing their rounds in the past. And now, these rumors have been invigorated anew. According to this fresh round of rumors, Apple is working on a 15-inch model of MacBook Air which is due next month. This has been revealed by ‘Electric Pig’ who claims that it got the scoop from a Mac accessory maker.

According to the fellas at Electric Pig, they were able to talk things up with a ‘premium Mac accessory maker’ at the ‘Computer Unlimited: Exposed’ show at London yesterday. Electric Pig insists that this scoop is a very reliable bit of information since the source is a ‘key player in MacBook docking solutions.’

However, in the past, Apple’s accessory makers haven’t been really a part of the company’s actual plans. In fact, at times, some accessory makers weren’t aware of an upcoming product until just weeks ahead of the launch. So while Electric Pig’s source may genuinely be an Apple accessory maker, there is no guarantee that it was informed at all about Apple’s future plans, given the secrecy which the heart of Apple’s philosophy.

Currently, MacBook Air notebooks are available in two sizes: one has a 11.6-inch display while another comes with 13.3-inch display. The options for MacBook Pro notebooks are different with the notebook coming in three sizes which are 13.3-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models.

In the past, we have seen numerous rumors from some of the leading tech news sources online, claiming different sizes and overhauls for Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks. However, so far, nearly all of these rumors regarding size upgrades have proved to be false. Well…we can add to that Electric Pig’s claim too once April is past since according to the site, Apple is due to unveil this all new MacBook Air by next month.

Image courtesy marcopako.

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