LandingZone Dock For MacBook Air

Although MacBook Air comes with fairly adequate slots to plug in different devices that normally go with laptops, some users simply ┬ácan’t get enough of the slots. Especially for professionals, the lot is always less. So for those, the LandingZone dock may come to be a very handy addition. This dock with a number of extension ports and sit very comfortably under MacBook Air. Although still not commercially available, it is expected to hit the market by spring this year at a price tag of $199.

The LandingZone dock comes with four USB ports, an Ethernet port, and a Mini Display passthrough. The power supply for the dock will not come directly from the notebook so you will have to make arrangements for it separately.

Moreover, although it sits niftily under the MacBook Air, it can be locked to the device through built-in mechanism. So you don’t have to fear the dock sliding off or somehow disconnecting from your notebook. For now, the device is still a prototype and commercial production may still take a few months. The anticipated price tag is $199 which may not be that bad considering the convenience and very user-friendly design of the product.

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