LG Xnote P210

LG claims their Xnote P210 a laptop with 12.5-inch screen on the Intel platform is world’s thinnest bezel.LG Xnote P210 is ultra-thin laptop and  has the form factor of a 11.6-inch machine…….

LG Electronics announced the launch of notebook Xnote P210 world’s highest narrow bezel (Narrow Bezel) and efficient gathering of innovative technologies, such as antenna design, a standard notebook border thickness decreased significantly in fourth. LG Xnote P210 laptop have he HD LED LCD 12.5 in. Despite being equipped with 299mm horizontal 192mm vertical thickness (flat) 20.9mm size of the implementation, 11.6-inch laptops are much smaller than the thin. Weight 1.3 kg lighter compared to the normal 12.5 inches laptop.

Boasts a small but powerful performance. Intel’s latest Core i5 470UM 1.33GHz processor and comes with Intel HD graphics, 4GB memory, 320GB hard disk, was mounted. Also, while simultaneously reducing the screen border and the same black color process screen, the screen raised concentration. White / pink and lime in patterns (February Coming Soon) and three kinds of colors available nad selling price 120-1300000 won the contrary. In addition to Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) operating system, application, 4GB memory, you can use 100%, maximum 5.6 hours and was mounted with a life.


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