New HP Envy Notebooks Closely Follow MacBook Design

In the past, HP was mildly criticized when the company dished out notebooks which bore some similarities in design to Apple’s Mac notebooks. However, it would seem that HP paid little heed to such criticism as the company unveiled new Envy notebooks which seems to be MacBook look-alike.

HP Envy 14 Ultrabook

HP recently decided to unify its design elements into a single outlook which would then be maintained across all of its thin and light laptops. Apparently, the company is finally acting by this philosophy.

However, the slight catch is that this ‘unified design’ bears a bit too close resemblance to the design of Apple’s MacBook machines. If you give a look to HP’s new Envy notebooks, they appear exactly the same as Mac machines in terms of their trackpads, keyboard layouts and overall outlook.┬áIn fact, the lid of the new Envy notebooks is so similar to that of a Mac notebook that if you merely replace HP’s logo with that of Apple on the new notebooks, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

HP Envy

While this certainly earns some negative points for HP, the consumers may be happy to note that despite such superior design elements, the new Envy machines are fairly affordable. To top it, these machines pack some high-end hardware.

For instance, a really sleek and cool HP Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook starts at a mere $699, with a 1366 x 768 pixel display. You can ante up the display by opting for a 1600 x 900 or 3200 x 1800 resolution, which will obviously cost you more.

The 15-inch machine in the Envy line-up is cheaper in comparison, starting at $529. But this affordability comes at the cost of solid state storage, since this machine packs none. Moreover, both Envy models include fingerprint readers. According to HP, the Envy 14 machine will be made available by June 26th while its 15-inch brother will hit the shelves on June 5th.

Image Courtesy: The Verge

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  1. Charmaine Looi

    If you can’t beat them, copy them. Beware of Apple patent suits though !!

  2. Tsais

    I’m no Crapple fan, but…

    …for all the slavish copying, HP still couldn’t get the elegant curvature of Apple’s display lid right.

    So at least put in some decent GPUs, otherwise we’ll just buy Samsung

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