New MacBook Air May Be About To Land

We have been hearing about a new MacBook Air model for a while now. Many similar rumors have proved false in the past but now, multiple indicators hint that a new 13.3-inch Air model is fairly imminent. That is because the MacBook Air stock with most online retailers has vanished.

MacBook Air

Normally, online retailers do away with the previous stock in anticipation of the arrival of a new model. Although MacBook Air is currently available with Best Buy, it is the only retailer that is still selling the machine.

Given these developments, many analysts have opined that we may finally see a new MacBook Air model, probably by next month. Rumors have it that Apple may decide to include Retina display in the new model for the 13.3-inch machine but so far, nothing credible has been cited to support these rumors.

What is known, nearly for sure, is that the new model will pack the next-generation Intel chip, Haswell, as well as better graphics. Intel had formerly announced that the chip line-up will arrive in June. It is possible that alongside the official debut, the chip also arrives under the hood of the new MacBook Air.

Courtesy: CNET

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