Qualcomm Hints Ultra-Thin ARM-Based Quad-Core Laptops May Finally Be On Their Way

There was some excitement in the tech world when a few years back, Qualcomm talked about an ARM-based ultra-thin laptop. While apparently, the company dumped that plan, the upcoming Windows 8 seems to have reinvigorated it anew. Qualcomm is once again hinting at ultra-thin ARM-based laptops which may come with quad-core processor and Windows 8 at its heart.

This latest bit of information has come from Rob Chandhok, who is a senior vice president at Qualcomm. According to Chandhok, the company is currently working on creating a special version of its 28nm Snapdragon S4. This will be a quad-core version which will be used in Windows 8 laptops. The most stunning claim from Chandhok is that these Windows 8 laptops will be thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air. According to him, ‘We think much lighter than what Intel calls an ultrabook.’

A Snapdragon S4 with four CPU cores can really gear up the Windows 8 experience on a laptop. It can enhance the performance and efficiency of the OS as well as the system. But will this ARM-based laptop from Qualcomm be able to steal the lime light from Intel’s second set of ultrabooks which are on their way? Or the new MacBook Air models that Apple is due to release this year?

I guess we will have to wait and see how far is Qualcomm is able to trim down the thickness of the device since given the aforementioned specs, this laptop will definitely be worth-having only if it is able to beat its contemporaries in design too.

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