Sony releases new VAIO P Series

The attractive feature in this series is:

· Colourful ultra-portable PC weighs just over 600g

· New design for two-handed operation while standing or walking

· GPS and Digital Compass

· Accelerometer sensor

· Built-in Everywair 3G

· Clear, bright, widescreen VAIO Display Plus

· Easy to use with Quick Web Access

It’s smaller than a notebook and smarter than a smartphone: the colourful VAIO P Series from Sony isperfect partner for on-the-move computing.

VAIO P Series is the first notebook computer from Sony with built-in GPS and a new Digital Compass. Perfect for telling you where you are and what’s happening around you, they can help you find your hotel or a nearby restaurant if you’re standing on the street corner in an unfamiliar city.

The accelerometer is probably the most interesting addition – you can flip the device vertically to read documents, but also tilt it to the left or right to move forward or backward while surfing the web. Pretty cool stuff, and there’s even more: it’s been given a faster Intel Atom Z560 processor option, though the entry-level unit has a slightly-slower Z530 CPU. Still waiting for US pricing to see if Sony can tempt us with its notoriously expensive VAIO P when it begins shipping in June.

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