Sony updates VAIO F, E, and L

Sony updates VAIO E, F, L with new CPUs and graphics with shiny new silicon and a pinch of Blu-ray with some denser screens…..

Today, the Sony VAIO® division has released a variety of updated models in preparation of this holiday season. Available today on, this fall’s update reveals not only new CPU options but a few other enhancements.

Over the last 6 months, the VAIO E series have been continuing to impress with the launch of a variety of color options, screen sizes and colorized accessories.The VAIO E series gets most of the updates with options for the slightly faster 2.66GHz Core i5 580M and 2.53GHz Core i5 460M, as well as a new 2GHz Pentium dual-core option for budget build-to-order models. The EA and EB also now have options for Mobility Radeon HD 5650 video and 1080p displays to match, while every E series sees purple return as a color choice.Once again the VAIO EB/EA/EC series made its mark in our latest round of announcements by providing new CPU options.

The VAIO F gets a visual performance upgrade through swapping out the New graphics card – NVIDIA ® GeForce GT 425M graphics card with 1GB of video RAM, an upgrade from the 330M predecessor. Great for gaming of course. Also the new F series has a USB 3.0 port, the latest USB data transfer technology which means super fast file transfers from your external hard drive or digital camera.

Sony’s primary all-in-one, the 24-inch VAIO L is getting the option of Blu-ray after a prolonged absence and now has the option of  a massive 2 Terabyte hard drive for super storage along with Quad Core™ processing, TV tuner and other options that make me ever-so-jealous of the people now snagging this model.he L series with Blu-ray and 2TB costs $2,200.

Now the question on everyone’s mind (by reading the comments on your older signature collection posts) is will we be announcing another Signature Collection? The answer is 100% yes and I can tell you that it is coming next month. As the Signature Collection is known for either releasing uber models or models with unique and sophisticated designs, next month’s announcement will no exception.


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