Sony Announced New Entry-level VAIO Fit Series Notebooks

We have seen Sony juggling with its many laptops like the Vaio S, Vaio Z, and Vaio E. But lately Sony has started to simplify its lineup with the newly announced Vaio Fit line entry-level notebooks.

Sony VAIO Fit E

The Vaio Fit line notebooks are VAIO Fit 14, VAIO Fit 15, VAIO Fit E 14, VAIO Fit E 15. The Vaio Fit 14 comes with an aluminum body, a touch screen, and provides a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels. The notebook also packs NFC chip for device communication. Its price is $649. The Vaio Fit 15 also comes with the same features mentioned above. The display providing resolution of a full 1080p costs $699.


On the other hand, the Fit E line notebooks (both 14-inch and 15-inch models) come with Intel’s Core processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, hybrid hard drives, and a roomy keyboard and trackpad. The notebooks will provide a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixel and they will be available in black, silver, and pink color. The price of 14-inch model is $547, while the 15-inch model costs $579.

Apart from these, Sony will also update its exiting Vaio L series, Tap 20, and T15 notebooks.

The VAIO Fit 14, VAIO Fit 15, VAIO Fit E 14 and VAIO Fit E 15 will all be available mid-May. The upgraded Vaio L series, Tap 20, and T15 will also be available in mid-May.

Source: CNET

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