Staples To Sell HP ChromeBook For $180, Kindle Fire For $80 On Black Friday

Earlier we have seen Staples offering 32GB Surface RT tablet for $424. Now what we have come to know that is Staples will sell HP ChromeBook for $180 and Kindle Fire for $80 on Black Friday.

HP Pavilion Chromebook

Many deals are given focusing on Black Friday. And focusing this Black Friday, many companies have already started offering different devices. In the mean time, online store Staples have announced that it will sell an HP Pavilion Chromebook (unspecified model) for $180. Staples has said that customers will be able to save $150 in comparison to regular price. The company will sell 14-inch HP Pavilion Chromebook for $300. Besides, Staples will also sell 11-inch HP Pavilion Chromebook model for $279.

Staples will also sell a 15.6-inch Toshiba C55D-A5382 Windows 8 laptop for $25 which is about $200 off compare to regular price. In addition, Staples will also sell a Kindle Fire for $80. Staples has said that customers will save $80. Besides, customers will get some special offers too. On the other hand, focusing Black Friday, Best Buy will sell a Kindle Fire HD 7 for $100.

You can buy the devices via Staples‘ website and some stores. Staples will begin Black Friday on Thursday, 8 a.m.

Source: Business Insider

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