Toshiba Qosmio V65

Toshiba Qosmio V65  laptop is with Core i5,SpursEngine,Blu-ray to low-res screen and many more…the another name of  Toshiba Qosmio V65 is Dynabook Qosmio….

With Toshiba’s Core i7-toting Qosmio X500 series laptops starting at a bit over a grand these days, we’re not sure how excited we are about the company’s new V65 portable PC.

Toshiba has unveiled several new notebook computers today in the dynabook line. The machines all use Windows 7 and have LED backlit monitors. Most of the machines will launch this month. Among the new machines is the SpursEngine packing Qosmio V65. The machine has a special video engine for performance.

Though the former model spun Blu-ray discs into a fine-pixeled 1080p, this new model’s SpursEngine-powered content’s been relegated to a 1,366 x 768, 15.6-inch backlit screen. While Japanese consumers do get a 2.4GHz Core i5-450M processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive, plenty of ports and a digital TV tuner.

The V65 also has a Blu-ray player and can record to Blu-ray media. It uses a 15.6-inch screen and an Intel Core i5 CPU and has 500GB of storage. Toshiba has also unveiled the 16-inch Dynabook TX with a Core i5 CPU and Blu-ray.

The price is an estimated ¥180,000 — or about $1,972 in hard US currency if the machine ever comes stateside. A wee bit steep, in our estimation.


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