LG Launched Smart Bulb, Lasts For Over A Decade

Lately, South Korean electronics giant LG has launched a new light bulb called Smart Bulb. The bulb has numerous modes to fulfill its user’s necessities.


The bulb will give 10W LED lighting in the house and it can be given a flash-alert when you take a phone call. The Smart Bulb can connect to an Android or iPhone smartphone via either WiFi or Bluetooth, and will last for over a decade if switched on for an average of five hours per day. According to LG, this represents an 80% energy saving compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

The lighting system can be programmed to act as an alarm clock, getting gradually brighter from a chosen time in the morning, rather than emitting a sound. It also comes with a ‘security mode‘, which turns the lights on for short periods while the user is away on holiday, to deter burglars. There is also a ‘party mode’, which adjusts the brightness in accordance with the music emanating from the smartphone and will even blink to the beat, but this is only available for use with Android smartphones at launch.

The Smart Bulb will go on sale in South Korea in the coming days, priced at 35,000 won (£19 or $32). It is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, and Apple iOS 4.0 and 6.0. It is unknown, when it will be released internationally.

Source: LG

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