Lilliputian USB charger Extends Smartphone Battery Charge Time Upto 2 Weeks

One of the big problems of today’s smartphones is the battery life. The batteries die off too soon compared to feature phones. Charging the phones everyday is a drag. But, seems that is going to end in near future. Fuel cell maker Lilliputian Systems has made a portable fuel cell USB charger for smartphones which can extend the hours of battery charge time up to 2 weeks.

Liliputian Batteries, Image Credit : Lilliputian Systems

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about how you can recharge any USB devices like mobile, smartphone, mp3 players using PowerPot’s thermoelectric USB charger. That was a solution for emergency situations. But Lilliputian Systems battery charger is both for normal and emergency use. Lilliputian Systems has spent $90 millions on R&D processes to realize this portable fuel cell USB charger. They are calling it a butane-driven portable battery charger.

The charger itself is the size of a thicker smartphone. It is very light in weight. The secret of its long life is that it uses butane cartridges, as small as a cigarette lighter, as an energy source and converts butane into electricity. Using this electricity via a USB plug, the device is charged.

Lilliputian Systems has signed a partnership contract with Brookstone, Inc. for the distribution of the product. A formal announcement could come later this year.

Source : Technically Personal

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