Mamiya RZ33 digital camera

Without using cables, users of RZ33 will be able to add a CF card and a chosen razor sharp RZ lens for generating in-depth, large, and gorgeous images…..

A few days ago, Mamiya announced the RZ33, a dedicated digital version of a classic medium format workhorse camera. In the pre-digital era, Mamiya medium format film cameras were one of the top choices for serious photographers who wanted better image quality than they could get from 35mm film. In particular, the Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 6×7 cameras appealed to landscape, portrait and commercial photographers. The 6×7 cm film area offered no visible grain at standard print sizes and still retained the flexibility of roll film. Mamiya camera bodies are also arguably some of the best-built cameras ever made.

It’s sort of affordable by Mamiya standards, but the $17,990 asking price affixed to the outfit’s new RZ33 large-sensor digital camera kit is still apt to detract all but the most professional of professionals. Boasting a 33 megapixel CCD sensor, CompactFlash support and a promise to produce mind-blowing images, this beast-of-a-digicam is said to offer “cable-free digital operation [that’s] just as smooth and trouble-free as shooting with film.”

The requirement from photographers for better quality of digital images for their clients has made the RZ33 emerge as a state-of-the-art digital large-sensor camera. It uses enhanced microprocessor technology to enable direct communication of every camera function to its 33mp digital component via its Mamiya Serial Communication (MSC) system, resulting in a cable-free digital functioning that is as trouble free and smooth like shooting with film camera.

Its 33 megapixel CCD sensor is totally compatible every Mamiya RZ system lens, viewfinders, and various accessories. Due to the famous vertical-horizontal rotation functionality built-in the camera, users do not have to turn their cameras. The bellows focusing system of the camera offers close-up focusing capabilities for each RZ lens and also infinity focusing without the need for cumbersome mounting-and-un-mounting adapters.

The global class interchangeable worldclass quality lenses of Mamiya have in-built shutter speed in the 8 to 1/400sec range, along with T-setting for a maximum of 32 seconds. It is possible to achieve electronic flash synchronization for every shutter speed. Intermediate shutter speed can also be set on the speed dial setting of the camera to achieve added critical digital exposure control.

For most photographers, the new Mamiya probably isn’t the best replacement for a professional-level digital SLR. Well, let me qualify that – if you’re using your digital SLR in the studio, the Mamiya could be a very good replacement. But with manual focus only and a bulkier, heavier body*, the RZ33 probably won’t be your first choice for a candid wedding or event camera. On the other hand, for slow, precise work on a tripod, the RZ33 will be hard to beat – especially for flash portrait photography where high-speed flash sync makes a real difference.

As you’d expect, it’s fully compatible with all RZ system lenses, viewfinders and (most) accessories, and you’ll also find rack and pinion bellows focusing, inbuilt vertical-horizontal rotation and an optional interchangeable power winder. Hit the source link for the nitty-gritty, but only if you’ve got the cheddar to cover the biggest impulse buy of your life.


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    I think you mean DM33, not RZ 😉

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