Maxell VBRABONE HP-VBC40 Headphones

Maxell’s Vibrabone HP-VBC40 earbuds can rattle your skull and it combine standard stereo drivers with the same bone-rattling.Maxell Vibrabone’s hybrid system enhances the bass that would be coursing its way through your cranium, while its dual volume control allows users to fine tune that bass flow………..


Hitachi Maxell Ltd., the bass vibrates 3D vibration Maikurosupikayunitto unit can be equipped with bone conduction, bone conduction headphone hybrid bass reproduction to range from Takashi Naka Vibrabone (Biburabon) (HP-VBC40) and then released on April 25.With the increase in the use of portable music players and mobile devices, the headset market has continued to grow. With the advent of new mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, as well as enjoy the music, attention has also been used as a game machine by downloading a variety of applications.Maxell VBRABONE is a hybrid bone conduction headphones to reproduce deep bass range from Takashi Naka by bone conduction vibration unit mounted Maikurosupikayunitto bass vibrates. 3D bone conduction vibrating unit to achieve powerful bass reproduction due to vibration effects. Portable music players and realistic bass sound to vibrate, in applications such as smartphones action / fighting / hitting deep bass sound and music games, and enjoy thrilling 3D vibration. Furthermore, in addition to bone conduction vibration unit, built by the Maikurosupikayunitto, covers the frequency reproduction Takashi Naka missing bone conduction unit.


Also, be equipped with Volume, bone conduction vibration unit according to the source and the environment play / Maikurosupikayunitto, enabling each volume control. If you use only the bone conduction headphones, bone (skull) and to convey through music, you can reduce the burden on the eardrum. For small vibration of the air, and also effective in reducing sound leakage.In addition, the code with anti-tangle slider type codes adopted 1.4mY, replacement ear pieces L, M, S can be chosen to fit 3 sizes of ear. 3.5mm stereo mini-plug to the lower projections as well when connected to portable equipment used for L-type plug.Maxell headphones as well stick to the music makers, iPod offers a unique product for speakers. In the future, we aim to expand the product lineup we have developed that can respond to all tiers enjoy the music.



  • Bone conduction headphone unit and micro-hybrid equipped with a vibration bone conduction speaker
  • Provide powerful bass reproduction vibration effect:3D bone conduction vibration of a vibration unit enables powerful bass reproduction effect.
  • Live bass sound, smart phone applications such as action / fighting / vibration and enjoy the realistic sounds and music hit of the game.
  • Takashi Naka frequency reproduction of micro-speakers: Speakers are covered by micro-pitched sound Takashi Naka missing bone conduction headphones.
  • To reduce the burden on the eardrum osteoconductive effect: If you use only the bone conduction headphones, reduce the burden on the eardrum, also suppresses the sound leakage.
  • Volume Controller with adjustable volume:Depending on your environment and playing instruments, their volume can be adjusted bone conduction speaker and micro-vibration unit.


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