MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI Pico-Projector Get Upgrade With HDMI Input

MicroVision’s latest model takes last year’s SHOWWX+ got upgrate by adding the digital input to make the MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI. So that it is now perfect and more easy hook-ups with your laptop, tablet or any other device.


It’s still bringing the brightness with 15 laser lumens, a 5,000:1 native contrast ratio, and 2-hour battery life. As before, it supports all your iDevices, and, now, any HDMI-equipped machine, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, pictured above not all devices will support full video mirroring, however. Unfortunately, for HD purists, it’s still pushing an 848 x 480 native resolution, but if 1080p’s not topping your priority list.

In addition to the HDMI, there’s the usual component input for use with a regular TV output from a laptop, DVD player or iPod. With the right adapter, meanwhile, you can also hook up a VGA connection, though with many notebooks having HDMI these days we doubt many will need that. The user-replaceable battery is good for up to 2hrs runtime. For now you can pre-order to have one for $370.

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