Minuscule PicoHD5.1 Media Player

Minuscule PicoHD5.1 media player looks like a card reader and acts like a media streamer, packs a lot of oomph into a pocket-sized device; on one side, there’s room for a USB hard drive, thumb drive or SD card……..


There are many Media Players that look like the PicoHD5.1, but none of them is equal under the hood. The PicoHD5.1 is the only Media Player at this size with offering true HD 1080p movies playback with 5.1 DTS/Dolby AC3 digital audio through its coaxial output, a feature engineered exclusively by Crystal Acoustics.With top performance characteristics for its category, PicoHD5.1 combines a powerful processor with amazing functionality, into an ultra small aluminum enclosure. A tiny, multichannel ‘Home Theater’ that fits in the palm of your hand!The beautiful user interface, rendered in High Definition, offers a set of interactive features for the best enjoyment of a wide variety of file types. The USB hub is compatible with a FAT, FAT32 and NTFS external HDD drives, from where you can enjoy .MKV, DivX, MP3, FLAC, JPG, BMP files and many more. Through the incorporated SD/MMC card reader, you can view all your photos and videos from your cameras that use card storage.Except from its 5.1 multichannel ‘charms’, the PicoHD also supports full stereo downconversion of Dolby and DTS soundtracks, ensuring full compatibility with all TV sets and audio equipment!Its 5.1 suffix illustrates that, again seemingly in contradiction to its diminutive size, it can play full surround sound audio and if you want to use it solely with a flatscreen TV, rather than AV amplifier, it is also capable of downmixing Dolby Digital and DTS audio soundtracks to a stereo mix.PicoHD5.1 costs £49.99 and is available now.


Features :

  • 5.1 Audio output
  • Very small size
  • Metal construction
  • Support of all video file types
  • Subtitles support
  • Audio Downmix
  • Support of all audio file types
  • Support of all image file types
  • FAT32 & NTFS
  • USB
  • SD & MMC memory cards support



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