4 New Members to Come to The Xperia Family, Announced at CES

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that takes place these days in downtown Las Vegas, Sony used the chance to grab the attention of technology enthusiasts and announced four new smartphones in the Xperia NXT lineup. Xperia S is the first of the next generation Sony smartphones and comes with Sony HD that offers impressive viewing experience. Xperia ion sets another milestone as the first Sony smartphone with support for LTE technology. Xperia ion comes on the US market exclusive on AT&T networks.

On the Japanese market will be available Xperia NX and Xperia acro HD with specific features tailored for the Japanese customers. Xperia acro HD shows off infrared port data exchange, mobile wallet, and mobile TV while Xperia NX is a variant Xperia S for the Japanese market.

Bert Nordberg, CEO for Sony Ericsson, explained proudly that the CES moment has a particular significance for the company’s strategy. “As the market continues to evolve into a world where we consume content and entertainment across multiple screens, the Xperia portfolio will deliver a mobile experience that is an important cornerstone of Sony’s strategy to provide seamless connectivity and networked entertainment across smartphones, TV, laptops and tablets.”

In addition to the new Xperia models, Sony Ericsson announced a set of intriguing Android accessories, including Xperia Smart Tags small NFC tokens, Smart Wireless Headset pro, with Bluetooth support.


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