A Rumour: 1st Win Phone 7 Handset ‘Julie’

Sony Ericcson are allegedly prepping a new touchscreen handset for launch this year and it looks like it could be the manufacturer’s first Windows Phone 7.

Codenamed ‘Julie’ the handset is said to sport a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen similar to that of their current flagship, the X10. However, there are some notable differences between Julie and the X10, not the least of which is that it will supposedly be running Windows Phone 7. Sony Ericsson have hopefully been listening to feedback garnered from the X10 because the rumour has it that Julie will feature multi-touch support. There is also a slide out QWERTY keyboard and the now seemingly obligatory 1 GHz Snapdragon onboard. Of course it is very important to stress that this all rumour at this point so please do make sure you stock up on salt for the time being, but here is an interesting thought to leave you thinking about; if Julie is real and is running Windows Phone 7 then it will have support for Xbox Live built in too, a platform that is a director competitor to Sony’s Playstation Network.

Source: Techi Buzz

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