Time For Samsung Galaxy S II To Hit Sprint

AS Exlusive: Sprint Source Confirms Late July Release for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Korean consumer electronics giant has just introduced new variants of the Galaxy S II for distribution within the good ol’ US of A, with trademarks attached to monikers like Attain, Function and Within. Chances are pretty good those will probably be assigned to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, respectively.


According to an anonymous Sprint inside source, the Samsung Galaxy Within image above is a mock-up might reach Sprint at the end of July. No other details were given out such as an exact date or pricing but we know it’s coming well, we never doubted it actually after all the success the Galaxy S and its variants enjoyed.

The Samsung Galaxy S II got 5 points out of 5 in our review and it appears to be THE smartphone of the moment with its great performance and Super AMOLED Plus screen. We expect to see the same internals on the Galaxy Within too, with hopefully added WiMAX support.

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