Amazon Developing 3D Display Smartphone, And More: WSJ

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, online retail giant Amazon is working on a smartphone with 3D display. But that’s not all. The retailer is also rumored to be working on a budget smartphone and a set-top box.

Amazon Logo, Image Credit: wikipedia

The Journal reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, users won’t have to wear glasses to see 3D images. The images will “float” above the screen like hologram. And users will be able to navigate through the menu with their eyes, as the phone is reported to have eye-tracking technology similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Amazon is also reported to be developing a budget smartphone targeted at emerging markets and new smartphone users. Another device that is rumored to be in the company’s lab is a set-top box that would allow users to stream video.

The devices are said to be part of Amazon’s move to hardware business, and knows as “Alphabet Projects”. Each device is identified internally as Project A, B, C, D, and so on.

The devices could be introduced in the coming months.


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