Amazon Is Working On A Smartphone Of Its Own

In the past, numerous reports as well as analysts have claimed that Amazon is working on a smartphone of its own.  But none of these reports panned out. Now, yet another report claims that Amazon is working on a handset of its own which it will pit directly against iPhone and Android offerings in the smartphone market.

This recent report comes from Bloomberg which claims that it is based on inside scoops from certain sources familiar with the matter. According to the report, while Amazon is developing its own smartphone, at the same time it is trying to secure itself against any possible patent-based attack by attempting to purchase wireless patents.

As it is, having a handsome number of wireless patents comes in handy if you are a company trying to enter the smartphone market. Virtually every current smartphone vendor is embroiled with a number of other vendors over wireless patents, legal battles which are becoming somewhat of a norm in the tech world.

So if indeed Amazon is working on its own smartphone, it would be a smart move to secure itself along the way by bagging ample patents. According to the report, “taking pitches and setting up briefings with other sellers” of the wireless patents.

Moreover, it is also being claimed that one of Apple’s key manufacturers, Foxconn, is probably the one which is going to collaborate with Amazon in the production of the handset. However, we would like to take this claim with a grain of salt since Foxconn is Apple’s chief supplier and in that capacity, there must be certain legal hurdles in the company’s way to foster a new partnership with a direct rival of Apple (which Amazon will be if it creates a new smartphone).

Source: Bloomberg

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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