Apple Finally Starts Offering Unlocked iPhone 5

A lot of users have been eagerly waiting for Apple to offer an unlocked version of its latest flagship smartphone – iPhone 5. Much to the delight to these users, Apple has finally started offering the unlocked iPhone 5, just in time so that you can lay your hands on it during the holiday season.

iPhone 5

The regular iPhone 5, which had been on sale for months, is being offered through wireless carriers. So, you inescapably have to choose a contract with one of these carriers if you wish to buy the smartphone, although you will have to pay a lot less cash as the down payment.

However, many users want the freedom of an unlocked smartphone, which comes without any contracts or bounds by the wireless carriers. You can simply slip in a SIM card of the carrier you like and start using it on the unlocked smartphone.

That is precisely the benefit that an unlocked iPhone 5 offers. Apple is currently offering the 16 GB model for $649 and then subsequently higher prices for models with greater storage space. If you have plans of buying one, you’d be glad to know that T-Mobile is currently offering nano-SIM cards to such users who may want to give its network a try on their iPhone 5.

It also offers these nano-SIM cards for free if you hook up to their service for at least two years but then, that pretty much eliminates the whole point of getting an unlocked smartphone. Also, the unlocked iPhone 5 comes with a number of connectivity limitations, so you may want to mitigate your hopes of using LTE on it. You can order your unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple’s online store.

Courtesy: Laptop Mag

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