Basic Cellphones – BenQ-Siemens A58 Arrives

The pace of cellphone market has certainly reached a point where higher-specs devices are being achieved every new day. Smartphone have particularly revolutionized it all. However, there is still the charm of a cellphone that comes by cheap, performs the very basic functions of a cellphone and is small in size. For such ties, BenQ-Siemens comes in quite handy.

This simpleton comes with a 128*128 CSTN display and has an internal memory of 6.5 MB, of course only for some basic storage. But the device is not too simple, it does have bluetooth and comes with the feature of voice recorder, allowing you the storage of a good one hour. The voice recorder feature makes it a particularly usable tool.

Hopefully, the device will hit the shelves in Europe by August this year and will be available in two colors, Carbon Black and Mercury Silver.

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