Can The Benchmarked GT-I9525 Be The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4?

Despite Apple’s overwhelming dominance as the leading smartphone vendor, Samsung has been able to grab a substantial share of the smartphone market with its flagship Galaxy handsets. Now, a new Samsung device has been spotted at NenaMark which may turn out to be the upcoming Galaxy S4.


Samsung launched its Galaxy S III handset far ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5. If this timing is maintained in future, we can expect the company to launch its next handset in its lineup of Galaxy smartphones in the first half of next year. A number of Samsung devices which can be prospective candidates for the position have already been spotted in different benchmark results.

Among these is the GT-I9525 which recently popped up at NenaMark. The benchmark site divulges the major specifications of the device which includes a 1.8GHz processor coupled with an ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, a 720p display and runs Android 5.0.

It is expected that the handset will pack 2 or 3 GB of RAM and a camera clocked higher than 8-megapixel. Samsung may pitch this device as its new Samsung Galaxy S4, or GT-I9525 may simply be some other smartphone that Samsung has plans of launching.

Reports suggest that Samsung may reveal the details of the device during the next CES or MWC events. If it proves to be a sequel of the flagship Galaxy S III, Samsung will most probably go with a stand-alone launch event for it.

Source: NenaMark

Courtesy: PocketNow

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    mali 400 for s4…i don’t think so.

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