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Changing RIM’s BlackBerry Storm2

The new BlackBerry Storm 2 for quite a while now on the so-called “information superhighway,” but we’ve finally had a chance to escalate those encounters and spend a few sweet moments with a live unit in the flesh. First off, let’s confirm the huge news: RIM’s abandoned the original Storm’s SurePress click-screen and gone with a traditional fixed capacitive display for the sequel. It’s over, guys. Unfortunately, the Verizon-branded dual-mode GSM / CDMA unit that we played with has a bug preventing us from getting past the license screen, so we couldn’t dive deep into the OS, but we can tell you what we do know: the Storm 2’s sleeker style and more heft combined with the newly-stable screen collaborate to make everything feel a wee bit higher end than the original.
It’s sort of stunning how many stellar smartphone options Verizon Wireless customers suddenly have, but lest we forget that RIM’s hotly-anticipated Storm2 was rockin’ the suburbs late last year. For those who sprung, we’re curious to know if you’re happy with your decision. Do you think RIM adequately addressed the gripes from round one? Is the display responsive enough? Was the addition of WiFi what sealed the deal? Are you annoyed that you didn’t hold out for the new Palm lineup? Feel free to get really real in comments below — we get the impression that Waterloo needs all the feedback it can get when it comes to QWERTY-less mobiles.


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