Charge Your Phone Twice As Fast With LithiumCard ‘Hypercharger’

Battery life is one of the most critical issues for smartphone vendors and users. LithiumCard is a new solution which aims to mitigate this issue. It is essentially a hypercharger which can charge your smartphone twice as fast as a regular charger.

LithiumCard hypercharger

Typically, many vendors try to tackle the problem of battery life by offering larger batteries with better capacities. However, in recent months, we have seen many solutions which are attempting to improve smartphone’s battery usage by offering such chargers which can juice up the handsets faster.

We have seen an example of this with the StoreDot charger. Although it is still in prototype, it is very promising since it can charge a handset in 30 seconds. However, it will take a long while before StoreDot’s charger arrives.

Meanwhile, LithiumCard has gathered a lot of momentum on its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign initially aimed at amassing $30,000 and raised a total of more than $160,000, making it a very popular and successful project. The reason why LithiumCard has attracted such raving reviews and backing is simply that it attempts to solve the battery problem.

Charging up your handset twice as fast as a regular charger can be very useful. We live in times where we want our smartphones to be always functional and a faster charger ensures this by extending the time between charging needs. In other words, LithiumCard allows you to spend less time charging your handset and more time actually using it.

Since the Indiegogo campaign of LithiumCard has been immensely successful, we may expect it to hit the shelves in a year or so. If the team behind this hypercharger can speed up the process and launch it sooner, that will give it a significant edge over other competitors who are preparing similar chargers.

Source: LithiumCard
Courtesy: Mashable

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