China Now Has About 1.104 Billion Mobile Users And 220 Million 3G Users

China has been rapidly catching up to the smartphone market in terms of numbers. Whereas U.S. has remained the largest smartphone market in terms of volume and profits, China seems all set to take the crown soon with its mobile user base of more than 1.104 billion.


These big numbers were recently released by ¬†China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT). The report released by MIIT also divulged a number of other interesting statistics.

For instance, the report says that there was an increase of 118 million mobile users in China during 2012, taking the tally of the total population now using a mobile phone to a whopping 82%. The total number of users who currently use a 3G connection in China has reached 220 million. This is nearly 20% of the overall mobile user base.

There was also an increase of 24.03 million in the total number of broadband internet users in the country. Mobile internet seems a rather more popular mode of accessing internet, with a total of 750 million users now connecting to the web via their mobile devices.

In the first 11 months of 2012, which is what’s encompassed by this report, the overall revenue earned by the mobile communications sector in China peaked $116.26 billion. Although China still doesn’t have as many Android or iOS sets as the U.S. market, the numbers predict that it may top the U.S. market within the next two quarters.

Currently, U.S. has a total of nearly 181 million installed Android or iOS sets whereas China lags behind with 167 million such devices. The rapid increase in its mobile user base and the renewed activity of many new smartphone vendors may soon lend it the crown of the top smartphone vendor around the globe.

Source: MIIT

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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