First-Ever Full-Length Movie Shot With A Smartphone

Have you been planning on being a film director but are unable to lay your hands on that oh-so-expensive equipment? Worry not. This full-length movie, shot with a smartphone camera, is a proof enough that with a smartphone camera, you can shoot a full-length HD movie.

The movie has been shot with a Nokia N8 camera together with a custom-designed 35-mm lens. The mighty feat has been accomplished by a disc jokey, Hooman Khallili. Khallili believes that we have entered a revolutionary era of technology where smartphone cameras are good enough to shoot a full-length cinema piece. Whether or not Khallili is right can be gauged from the movie which is indeed quite excellent in its video quality.

The film has been termed ‘Olive’ and is about a girl who changes the lives of three people without ever speaking to them. The story of the movie, as revealed in the trailer-cum-introductory-excerpt, is indeed very engaging. During the shoot-out of the movie, Khallili made use of a small, flying helicopter and a motorcycle’s side car, to carry the camera so that it can take appropriate-angel shots.

The whole outlook of the film seems very professional. The movie also features Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. According to analysts, if this movie is a success as a cinema piece, it certainly will bring smartphone camera into video-production industry, letting them compete against the notoriously-expensive DSLRs and movie cameras. Khallili has pitched up an online campaign to gather $300,000 so that he can screen the movie around the cinemas. Let’s have our fingers crossed for this awesome attempt to get the limelight it deserves.

Image courtesy John KaraKatsanis.

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