Gongkai Phone – A Fully-Functional Phone For Just $12

Have you ever thought that you can buy a fully-functional phone at $12 only? It may seem to you that I might be kidding, but actually I’m not. Mingtong Digital Mall has brought a phone named Gongkai Phone for just $12. The phone has two color OLED display and comes in unlocked version. Just pay the $12, and the phone is all yours.

$12 Gongkai Phone

Gongkai is a complete quad-band GSM phone with just the basic features. Besides having an OLED display, the phone comes with a 260 MHz processor (32-bit), 8MiB RAM, a protective silicone sleeve, USB interface, a charger, a cable and a microSD card slot. The phone also has Bluetooth, and MP3 playback. It includes a Li-Poly battery and an adapter for charging.

Gongkai Phone - 1
Gongkai Phone - 2
Gongkai Phone - 3
Gongkai Phone - 4
Gongkai Phone - 5
Gongkai Phone - 6

In fact, the phone is a great option for those who are going on a vacation during monsoon and don’t want to carry their expensive smartphones due to having fear of getting wet or stolen.

The price of this phone is $12 only and people will be able to get it without signing any contract. To know the details, visit Bunnie Studios.

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