HTC HD3 Windows Mobile 7 Phone Powered By 1.5 GHz Processor Leaked

After the failure of the first two Microsoft Windows Phone the company is ready to bolster its market position with a super quality smartphone HTC HD3.

Its predecessor HTC HD2 is still considered as the best Windows Mobile phone and HD3 would definitely be the next flagship WP 7 phone for HTC.

As seen from the picture above, HD3 follows the shape of HD2 but and would be galloping on 1.5GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm processor sporting 4.5-inch WXGA Super AMOLED multi-touch display. 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, 720p HD video recording and 1080p HD playback makes it a strong contender for iPhone 4, Droid X, EVO 4G, Nokia N8 and more.

Some Special Features of HTC HD3 are given below:

* 4.5-inch WXGA Super AMOLED multi-touch display
* 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash
* 720p HD video recording
* 1080p HD playback
* Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
* 3G / 4G connectivity
* 32GB microSD support
* 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor
* 1800 mAh battery
* 115mm x 65mm x 10mm

Notably, HD3 has only three buttons as compared to HD2, which has got five buttons, and in fact this is the fundamental reason why HD2 can not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 system. There is much more improvement in HD3 against HD2 in terms of hardware configuration. The first is the screen, HD2 comes packed with 4.3 -inch screen having resolution of 800×480 pixels, and HD3 on the other hand will come packed with 4.5-inch screen with multi-touch and a staggering resolution of 1280×800 Pixels! Moreover, the leaked specification suggests that HD3 will have 32G of the microSD card Expansion slot and will support 4G network.

On paper, the features of this smartphone look incredible and impressive.Currently there are no specific release date or price.

Special thanks to gadgetsdna

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