HTC May Release M7 Smartphone On Feb 19

HTC has announced a February 19 event coming up at New York City. The event, many claim, is meant to unveil a smartphone code-named M7.


Over the past few years, HTC has come up with a number of excellent smartphones. Sadly, nearly none of them seems to have gained much traction in the smartphone market. HTC has released both Android and Windows Phone handsets, yet it’s market share has steadily slipped.

So it may be time for the company to come up with a smartphone which can truly sway a lot of users. Naturally, for that to happen, HTC will have to pack a lot in this expected M7 smartphone. The few hints so far suggest an emphasis on camera lens and a metallic outlook.

The official Twitter account of HTC recently tweeted, “75% of all the elements on the periodic table are metals.” The next day, another tweet read, “On average, a person blinks 16 times per minute.” This was followed by the image of a camera lens. When a fan asked if the upcoming M7 will pack a Retina display together with a ‘sweet new camera’, HTC responded, “We can see why you might guess that … but we’re not giving details just yet!”

So, for now, HTC is trying to build up the momentum to this event. Some analysts have gone on to predict even the sales dates and price points of the M7 smartphone. According to one of them, the handset will be made available in Europe by March 8 for a price of $880. If that proves to be true, that is a rather steep price, so lets hope HTC has a good reason to justify it.

Courtesy: Eweek

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