HTC One Shipment Delayed Due To Shortages Of Some Components

HTC announced its new flagship phone – the HTC One – a few weeks ago. The phone was scheduled to start shipping in third week of March, but due to some component shortages the Taiwanese smartphone maker pushed back the release date to April (the timing will vary by market).


As we came to know, HTC One shipment delayed because the company couldn’t confirm the required components to produce the device. In an interview with WSJ, one HTC executive said that suppliers were not treating HTC as a major components customer. So the company had to face problems to secure adequate camera components as it was no longer a tier-one customer.

HTC has notified retail distributors and telecom operators about the shipment delays of the new smartphone. With HTC One’s shipment delat Samsung’s newly introduced Galaxy S4, with launch schedule in this spring, seems to have gained an unexpected advantage.

Source: WSJ

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