[Rumor] HTC T6 Phablet – A Larger Version Of HTC One?

We’ve heard that HTC is planning to introduce a larger version of the HTC One, with a screen of five-to-six-inch range. The rumored display size is larger than a standard smartphone, but smaller than a 7-inch tablet.


The device is rumored to be codenamed T6, as tweeted by @evleaks. The T6 is speculated to correspond the screen size. However, the HTC One had a codenamed of M7, but it does not pack a 7-inch display.

Information about HTC T6 are scarce. Some are speculating that similar to HTC One, the T6 may have support for WCDMA(HSPA), GSM, LTE and CDMA 2000 networks. It could be released on different carriers and in a variety of different markets. HTC may be planning to release this rumored phablet to compete with Samsung’s rumored Note 3. The later is expected to be unveiled at IFA in September. For now, we have to wait for details to come out.

Source: Ubergizmo

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