HTC Windows Phone 7 Phone Shoot RAW Photos With a 12MP Camera

Leaked HTC Windows Phone 7 Handset Appears to Shoot RAW Photos With a 12MP Camera. Phone cameras still have a ways to go to catch up to the awesome capabilities of your standard DSLR, but the handset captured in the image above would certainly get them headed in the right direction.

International phone review superstar Eldar Murtazin snapped a few shots of an as-of-yet unnamed HTC device running Windows Phone. It sports a look very similar to the HTC Trophy, although this particular gem is capable of capturing images at 12 megapixel resolution — comparable to the Nokia N8. We can tell from Eldar’s tweets and images, however, that it’s gone one step further by adding support for pictures in RAW format. We’re still waiting to get more information about this device, but for now we invite you to enjoy the images above and below.
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  1. Travis

    I dont even know whey HTC is bothering with a Windows phone.  I wonder if they get a subsidy from Microsoft.  Seems like Android is just so far superior.

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