iPhone 5 Announced For China, Becomes Available By December 14

Apple usually has to undergo a number of regulatory issues before it is able to launch its devices in China. So was the case with iPhone 4S and same has been the case with iPhone 5 which delayed the device’s launch in the country until now. Now, Apple has announced that iPhone 5 will become available in China by December 14.

iPhone 5

Apple certainly has a disadvantage against other smartphone vendors in China right now. Samsung’s Galaxy S III has been available in the country for a while now and when pitted against iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III certainly comes on top.

Whereas iPhone 5 is the right competitor for Galaxy S III, Apple has been unable to gain permission to launch the device until now. Now, however, the company has finally received the final approval from Ministry of Industry and Technology of China.

Now that Apple has the official nod, the company will be making iPhone 5 available by December 14 with the two leading Chinese carriers – China Unicom and China Telecom. However, the largest Chinese carrier, China Mobile, will still not be carrying the device.

As for such Chinese users who have waiting for the recent Apple tablets, the good news are that both iPad mini and the latest iPad are arriving in the country by December 7, even before iPhone 5. Apple will certainly be able to bolster the overall sales of both its smartphone and tablets by gaining access to such a huge market.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: CNET

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