iPhone Reached 35% Of US Smartphones In November 2012

Apple’s smartphone market share had taken a slight hit just before the launch of iPhone 5. The sales growth had apparently slowed down in anticipation of the launch of the new phone. Now that iPhone 5 is gaining momentum, Apple has yet again grabbed 35% of the market share.

ComScore November stats

This has now been revealed in the November statistics released by ComScore. According to the company, iPhone’s market share grew by 0.7% over the last three months. Android, on the other hand, ruled the smartphone market with 53.6% percent share back in August and the October stats show that it has barely grown to 53.7%.

The rather significant bump in the market share of iPhone can be attributed to a number of reasons. Apple has been pushing into newer markets and opening up new retail locations. And as these measures gain momentum, iPhone sales are increasing alongside.

Moreover, the launch of iPhone 5 hasn’t been bad at all. Apple has been able to sell millions of units since the launch and those numbers are now adding up to increase the overall market share of the company.

Android, on the other hand, hasn’t seen a significant increase. This can be owed to the fact that the leading Android vendor, Samsung, hasn’t released any flagship Android smartphones since. Although Google itself has attempted a few Nexus releases, they don’t seem to significantly affect the overall Android share in the smartphone arena.

However, Samsung still leads the list with its 26.9% share with Apple trailing behind with 18.5% share in the market. LG’s share has dipped by 0.7% percent since August, putting it squarely at 17.5% in November 2012.

Source: ComScore

Courtesy: Engadget

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