Is There A 4.6-inch iPhone 5 On Its Way?

Now that Apple has launched the new iPad and it is already with millions of users, the rumor mill has directed its attention to the next Apple product that will be hitting the shelves. And that, obviously, is the next release on the iPhone line-up. According to different reports, Apple may be considering a 4.6-inch iPhone 5 with a Retina display.

The initial source of this report is a South Korean newspaper. However, a lot of details of this purported ‘inside scoop’ seem fishy and do not seem to fit in with Apple’s style. For instance, Apple has always been the one about aesthetics and a 4.6-inch device isn’t very comfortable to tool with a single hand.

Moreover, the report claims that Apple will roll out the device during the second quarter this year. That, again, seems highly unlikely. Apple launched iPhone 4S during October last year and the sales for the smartphone haven’t gone down since. Besides, Apple will likely take the one year gap before it launches iPhone 5 since the company has no reason to rush into it.

Finally, while Retina display is definitely something which has awed millions of users, with the launch of the new iPad, it doesn’t seem very probable that Apple will also include it in iPhone 5. A far more probable explanation could be that Apple may have simply procured a few prototypes along the lines of these claims and the paper took ¬†that to be the actual design of the next iPhone release.

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